Voice Assistants May Be the Key to Car Interfaces

It makes total sense: Google, Apple and Amazon have perfected voice assistants, and the car is a perfect, um, vehicle for getting things done hands-free.

Smart, voice-powered assistants’ potential to orchestrate a variety of services to answer a driver’s request could help automakers offer a branded, differentiated customer experience.

A case in point is Nomi, the Nio brand’s in-car assistant, pictured courtesy of Nio.

Can Voice Assistants Open On-Board Revenue Flood Gates?

NAIAS 2020 Michigan Mobility Challenge Will Be Open to the Public

Autonomous vehicle demonstrations are ubiquitous at tech events and auto shows. But rides are usually only available to industry executives and journalists. For the 2020 North American Auto Show in June, the Michigan governor’s office, MDOT and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s PlanetM program joined forces to promote driverless vehicles to the public.

Five teams of vendors won the right to provide transportation not only to the show but, at least potentially, to other points of interest in downtown Detroit. The plan is to let anyone download a special version of the Moovit app and book rides on the driverless shuttles (that will, of course, have operators on board).

It’s a bold idea.

Detroit Driverless Binge to Push Tech and Acceptance

Carmakers: Upgrade Your Digital Experiences Now!

a car of the future shows a stewardess welcoming a woman with baggage aboard a self-driving car
Renault concept car

In the world of consumer services, we’ve heard for years that the digital experience can make or brake a brand.

As passengers vehicles become more and more automated, automakers will need to up their games and make the digital experience a more crucial part of the brand.

“Carmakers will face a huge pivot in advertising when their cars begin to drive themselves. No more will commercials showing people, hair blowing in the wind and driving into the sunset, make sense. Instead, they’ll need to play up factors such as reduced stress, comfort and relaxation.”

Digital Customer Experience Now Key For Automakers

Why Do Infill Projects Have to Be Boring?

Boring is not the case with a new condo development on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland. In the 1990s, including the work of artisans in new construction or remodels was common. These days, this corridor is home to a lot block after block of new housing that looks like Holiday Inns. But not Wardenclyffe.

San Pablo Avenue Condos Are Works of Art

Could Connected Cars Benefit Society?

Services for connected cars are usually evaluated by whether they’ll benefit the automaker and/or the consumer. Looking beyond push notifications for the nearest fast-food joint, there could be some societal benefits from these services. This article examines the potential for social good.

The Real Winners in Connected Car Services