If Blade Runner and Neuromancer had a Millennial baby

Chimera cover FINAL smallThat’s how one reviewer described my my first novel, a science fiction/detective story, just published by Pandamoon Publishing.

The near-future world I created draws from my experience as a technology journalist and science aficionado.  Genetic engineering, social media, artificial intelligence and climate change all play a role.

It’s an homage to Raymond Chandler and deeply inspired by Blade Runner.

It’s available in paperback and digital versions on Amazon. Please check it out here.

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Oakland’s crazy real estate market survival guide

Recently, Redfin designated Bushrod, a formerly unknown Oakland neighborhood, as the hottest neighborhood in the 2017 real estate market–in the entire United States. People who want to buy homes hear horror stories about investors snatching properties away from traditional buyers. My article for Oakland Magazine demystifies what it takes to win the deal. Sometimes, it’s a matter of elbow grease.

Do Not Fear the All-Cash Offer

AI: The Next Smart Step for Automotive

Artificial intelligence is a key enabling technology for self-driving and semi-autonomous cars. This report examines the areas where machine learning, deep learning and big data already are deployed, and what the next steps are.

Read it on the Tu-Auto site.


Driverless cars — if they make them, who will buy?

The auto industry is firmly behind autonomous cars, and so is the U.S. government. But despite a lot of hoo-hah in the press, consumer interest is low.

Kelley Blue Book’s Future Autonomous Vehicle Driver Study surveyed 2,264 consumers aged 12 to 64 and found a strong disconnect between those of us in the auto-tech bubble and real-world folks.

This interview with  Karl Brauer, executive publisher of Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, goes over the findings. Bottom line: Consumer education needs to be better.

What If No-One Wants a Driverless Car?