How Starbucks Was Perfectly Positioned for Mobile Payments

Part of the success of the Starbucks app is that it was so well-designed. Starbucks rolled it out in stages based on customer usage, adding features gradually. This article examines the additional factors that make Starbucks — and its ilk — the likeliest to succeed with m-payments.

Starbucks: The Secrets of Success with M-Payments

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Why Autonomous Cars Will Skip Level 3

It’s becoming clear that level 3 #autonomous driving won’t be much fun — or very safe. Drivers will be expected to pay attention and stay ready to take control in an emergency, so what’s the point?

Experts explain why we’ll see a mix of truly autonomous vehicles and more advanced driver safety features instead of what has been proposed as the third level.

Driverless Vehicles Will Continue to Dominate Auto Headlines

Do Ad Agency Perks Make Up for Long Hours?

This was a fun and also eye-opening piece for me to report.  President Obama’s new regulation requires employers to pay overtime to staff making as much as $50,000 a year. The question my article was supposed to answer was, what are advertising agencies doing now to improve work/life balance for their staff?

It sounds like a lot of fun to work at these agencies, with classes, outings and trips. On the downside, junior staffers work days, evenings and weekends. What do you think? Would these perks drive you to work day and night?

Overtime Pay? Try Yoga Instead


Why CPG Brands Are Killing It on Instagram

califa-20160126035254387Instagram advertising saw 400 percent growth from August through December, according to Brand Networks. Consumer packaged goods, fashion and retail are among the top spenders. It feels a little bit like coming full-circle back to the days of glossy magazine ads. What’s different is that, instead of hoping people will buy the magazine, you can not only target who you want to reach on Instagram, you can also encourage them to distribute your luscious product shots to their friends.

Adding an adorable baby never hurts, either.

Forget fashion. CPG brands are leading the way on Instagram