Cities and the Urban Data Challenge

There is definitely profit to be had in city data: directly by selling/sharing data and indirectly by saving money and improving every aspect of the city, from transportation to tax collection. While municipalities face a lot of the same challenges in implementing IoT and data analytics that business does, there are specific barriers, including the way cities contract and pay for outside services. Read more:

Cities Get Smarter about Embracing the Data Economy

New software tools enable green building from the ground up

The Spheres, part of Amazon’s new HQ building in Seattle.

Thanks to super-smart software, architects and designers can analyze potential energy use and performance of their buildings in the early design phase. This is one of the top trends in the 2018 World Green Building Trends. More here:

3 Top Trends Show Green-Building Technology on the Rise

Concrete Printed Houses Are a Thing

This was a fun story for me to do. At first, I thought 3D printing of concrete was a technology in search of a use. But New Charity has an interesting funding model that allows it to explore pricey, leading-edge technologies for social good. And they are doing great work.

How One Nonprofit Is Scaling a Cheap and Well-Built Concrete 3D-Printed House