Fantasizing about AV interiors

Well, this is far from the first. Automakers, designers and journos have been salivating about concepts for autonomous vehicles that don’t need those annoying steering wheels.

This article looks at purpose-built autonomous shuttles and examines the emotional factors that will be crucial for consumer acceptance.

Creating the Driverless Car’s Interior

Ancient cities can become smart without digging

A view of the facade of an apartment building designed by Gaudi. It has a curvy, organic looking wall.We like our historic city centers to seem … historic. Not a bunch of cameras and sensors and cell repeaters stuck onto those charming stone surfaces. It turns out there are plenty of ways to provide intelligent services without digging or pasting.

Challenges of Making Ancient Cities Smart

Photo by Florencia Potter on Unsplash

How 5G Can Make Ports More Sustainable

A sign in the foreground says Seaport. Beyond it, you see tall cranes used for unloading cargo containersInvesting in more sustainable port operations can be expensive–but the return on investment makes it worth it. This post for Ericsson details how digital transformation, enabled by fast and reliable connectivity, can help port operators optimize everything from vessel berthing to routing of autonomous forklifts to improve ROI.

Understanding the return on investment of future port sustainability

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Auto Cybersecurity: It’s ALL a priority

I was nonplussed when I got an assignment to write about which areas of cybersecurity automakers needed to focus on. Unfortunately, attack surfaces keep growing. This article explores threats from the factory and backend systems to the latest exploits against cars themselves.

Vital Cybersecurity Areas Automakers Must Focus On