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NAIAS 2020 Michigan Mobility Challenge Will Be Open to the Public

Autonomous vehicle demonstrations are ubiquitous at tech events and auto shows. But rides are usually only available to industry executives and journalists. For the 2020 North American Auto Show in June, the Michigan governor’s office, MDOT and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s PlanetM program joined forces to promote driverless vehicles to the public.

Five teams of vendors won the right to provide transportation not only to the show but, at least potentially, to other points of interest in downtown Detroit. The plan is to let anyone download a special version of the Moovit app and book rides on the driverless shuttles (that will, of course, have operators on board).

It’s a bold idea.

Detroit Driverless Binge to Push Tech and Acceptance

Could Connected Cars Benefit Society?

Services for connected cars are usually evaluated by whether they’ll benefit the automaker and/or the consumer. Looking beyond push notifications for the nearest fast-food joint, there could be some societal benefits from these services. This article examines the potential for social good.

The Real Winners in Connected Car Services

Autonomous & Electric Shipping?

All-electric vehicles as replacements for petrol-powered cars and trucks are seen as crucial for clearing the air, while truly autonomous vehicles for private and public transportation could make transport safer and more efficient. This article looks at the state of the industry today and what’s necessary to move forward.

EVs may be the future but it’s not anytime soon