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Is It Finally Time for Car Commerce?

I’ve been covering mobile since 2000, and among the first memes was, “You’re driving past a McDonald’s, and you get a coupon.” Twenty years later, and there’s still no there there. This article examines whether pandemic behavior has changed enough that people will want to order and pay for stuff without leaving the car–and without picking up the phone.

Fintech’s Lessons for the Automaker

How Starbucks Was Perfectly Positioned for Mobile Payments

Part of the success of the Starbucks app is that it was so well-designed. Starbucks rolled it out in stages based on customer usage, adding features gradually. This article examines the additional factors that make Starbucks — and its ilk — the likeliest to succeed with m-payments.

Starbucks: The Secrets of Success with M-Payments

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In-App Advertising Is Moving from Install to Brand Ads

Brand ads delivered by inMobi
Brand ads delivered by inMobi

The app frenzy of a few years ago led to a goldmine for app developers, who profited from other developers seeking attention for their own apps. Now, consumer brands have jumped in full-force. These brands don’t expect direct sales, they hope to get consumers to download their own branded apps. The end game is building up databases of mobile customers that they can match to their existing CRM databases.

The story has comments from inMobi and Taptica.

Second Wave of In-App Advertisers Seeks Customer Acquisition, Not ROI


Security Is a Threat to E-Commerce

CIOs at retail organizations are struggling to balance security with innovation on limited budgets, according to a survey conducted in December 2014 by Forrester for the National Retail Federation. In the survey of 84 top retail CIOs, 97 percent identified cyber security as a top concern.

Meanwhile, the hacks and data thefts seem relentless. With mobile payments rising in importance, this article looks at security strategies retail CIOs are or should be using to secure transactions across channels.

Hackers: The Mobile Threat to Back-to-School Shopping

Mobile Payments Still in Hype Cycle

mobilepayMobile commerce was definitely up over the 2014 holiday shopping season — and for many sites, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic. (Although I think that tablets, which are used more like laptops, which have replaced desktops, are muddying the stats.)

But, despite all the attention Apple Pay got, few used mobile payments to buy stuff.

Mobile Payments MIA in Black Friday Frenzy

How to cover an automotive tech conference

car and moneyProviding same-day coverage of conferences keeps me focused and thinking, as I try to make connections between what different speakers say and identify trending topics. I recently wrote same-day wrap-ups of FC Business Intelligence’s Insurance Telematics USA conference. (Insurance telematics, also known as usage-based insurance or UBI)┬árefers to the various hardware and software applications that let insurers get an accurate view of customers’ driving behavior.)

Day One: Data, Data Everywhere as UBI Becomes Ubiquitous

Day Two: What UBI Do People Really Want?

Open Mobile Summit Conference Report

I really enjoy covering conferences, and often come in as a hired gun for a publisher. It’s an opportunity to speak with very smart people and keep abreast of the latest ideas. And producing a same-day report keeps me focused and challenges me to quickly distill themes and trends.

Here’s my second-day report on Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco.

Will We Really See the Demise of Cookies?

Internet cookies are the Mark Twain of marketing: We’ve been hearing they’re dead — or should be abolished — since the commercial web began. At AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O conference in San Francisco last week, one speaker warned that marketers need to find a solution by June, thanks to browser makers making do-not-track the default setting. We’ll see.

Read it: Should Marketers Fear the Cookie Apocalypse?

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