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Concrete Printed Houses Are a Thing

This was a fun story for me to do. At first, I thought 3D printing of concrete was a technology in search of a use. But New Charity has an interesting funding model that allows it to explore pricey, leading-edge technologies for social good. And they are doing great work.

How One Nonprofit Is Scaling a Cheap and Well-Built Concrete 3D-Printed House

Local Disasters and Donor Fatigue

My assignment: find out whether Northern California’s fires, which followed Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, were attracting donations that usually went to local charities. The answer: mostly no, or at least not yet.

Here’s how local orgs keep their donors inspired.

The State of Local Giving



Consumers and Autonomy: State of the Industry

I just returned from covering the Consumer Telematics Conference in Las Vegas. This conference brings together automakers, suppliers, tech startups and investors. The annual meeting is a good way to take stock of how things have changed.

My biggest takeaway is that connected-car data–rather than autonomous driving–was the most important topic. With self-driving pilots underway and most automakers firm in their autonomous development cycles, the energy is now directed toward making the immense amounts of data generated by connected cars usable.

Winning the Race for Consumer Confidence and Data