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Auto Cybersecurity: It’s ALL a priority

I was nonplussed when I got an assignment to write about which areas of cybersecurity automakers needed to focus on. Unfortunately, attack surfaces keep growing. This article explores threats from the factory and backend systems to the latest exploits against cars themselves.

Vital Cybersecurity Areas Automakers Must Focus On

Is It Finally Time for Car Commerce?

I’ve been covering mobile since 2000, and among the first memes was, “You’re driving past a McDonald’s, and you get a coupon.” Twenty years later, and there’s still no there there. This article examines whether pandemic behavior has changed enough that people will want to order and pay for stuff without leaving the car–and without picking up the phone.

Fintech’s Lessons for the Automaker

Voice Assistants May Be the Key to Car Interfaces

It makes total sense: Google, Apple and Amazon have perfected voice assistants, and the car is a perfect, um, vehicle for getting things done hands-free.

Smart, voice-powered assistants’ potential to orchestrate a variety of services to answer a driver’s request could help automakers offer a branded, differentiated customer experience.

A case in point is Nomi, the Nio brand’s in-car assistant, pictured courtesy of Nio.

Can Voice Assistants Open On-Board Revenue Flood Gates?

Could Connected Cars Benefit Society?

Services for connected cars are usually evaluated by whether they’ll benefit the automaker and/or the consumer. Looking beyond push notifications for the nearest fast-food joint, there could be some societal benefits from these services. This article examines the potential for social good.

The Real Winners in Connected Car Services

Is Autonomy Luxury or Table Stakes?

With automakers firmly committed to producing autonomous vehicles, will self-driving features be seen as luxurious? How soon will they become expected, the way automatic transmissions and power steering are? This article explores how and whether car makers will handle messaging about self-driving features.

The Role of Premium Services in a Connected-Car World

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