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Social Media in the Car? Really??

Everyone wants to twittify their product — even car makers, who are worried that Millennial consumers aren’t interested in driving. Some auto makers are plunging ahead and enabling interaction with Facebook and Twitter accounts, often through voice recognition tech that lets drivers talk to tweet. This article looks at some of the less obvious ways that social media could be integrated with connected car services.

The Making of a Social Car

Renault’s App Store Could Create a Sixth Ad Medium

Good timing on this article, in light of the buzz Ford got this week for announcement of its open developer program.

I spoke with Patrick Hoffstetter about Renault’s plans. Hoffstetter leads Renault’s Digital Laboratory. Because I also cover digital advertising, I was especially intrigued by his mention of the prospects for creating what will be another screen to which ads can be served.

Okay, I know. No more ads. But still. Think about it. Just like search ads are so effective because you actually are looking for something and they help you find it, ads and promotions delivered to your car could help you identify local businesses or give you a reason to choose one merchant over another. Yeah, the Starbucks mobile coupon thing. Okay, I know.

Read the Q&A, it’s interesting!