Reports and White Papers

Here’s a representative sample of reports and white papers I’ve produced for clients:

Public Transit and Mobility in the US

Client: Impact Cities

There’s a multitude of startups offering alternatives to public transportation, as well as last-mile options: ride hailing, ride sharing, autonomous shuttles, etc. This report examines whether they’ll cannibalize public transport and what’s necessary to better integrate them with existing modes.

Creating an On-Demand Electrified Mobility Ecosystem

Client: Impact Cities

This report examines the challenges of moving to all-electric municipal, multimodal transportation systems.

Today’s Auto Buyer and the Digital Retailing Experience

Client: Jumpstart Automotive

This paper provides insight into a study by Jumpstart and Ipsos on how consumers and auto dealers perceive the influence of online marketing.

Content Distribution in 2018: As Video Zooms, Resource Issues Loom

Client: True Anthem

True Anthem uses artificial intelligence to optimize content delivery. This report covers a survey of publishers on their challenges with social content distribution.

The Challenges Behind Multi-Cloud Management

Client: Carpathia

This white paper examines the emerging trend of multi-cloud architectures and explains how companies can benefit from comprehensive tools for management such as Carpathia’s.

Smart Cities: Embracing the Urban Data Economy

Client: Impact>Cities

Examining the challenges and opportunities for cities to better use the data they have while preparing for a smarter future. Includes mobility, transit, smart grid, smart buildings and infrastructure.

Automotive Cybersecurity Industry Overview

Client: TU-Auto

Written for business leaders, this report examines security strategies and technologies for connected cars.

Meeting Exceptional Security Challenges

Client: Modis

This white paper includes an overview of new security threats, outlines steps companies should take to prepare for or recover from a breach, and discusses the roles and skill sets needed.

Rebuilding from a Cybersecurity Breach

Client: Modis

This report outlines best practices and methodologies for companies that have experienced a cybersecurity breach.

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